Review: Fearless With Dad

Fearless with Dad is a story that features all the things we get up to with our dads!

‘With my dad, I can be anything’

The story follows a little boy as he lists all the things he can do when he is with his dad. It is simple but incredibly effective. My toddler adores this book. The limited text with short but meaningful sentences works wonderfully with the illustrations to tell the story and demonstrate all the fun things we can get up to with our dads, and how they can inspire us to create and dream and play.

The illustrations are fantastic and really help to tell the story with the limited text. I love how bright and playful they are, and how expressive the faces are. They really draw you into the story and keep my toddler glued to the pages, as well as encouraging talking as we discuss what the dad and the boy are up to on every page.

A really beautiful book that has become one of our favourites before bed at the moment, which you can probably tell by the slightly crooked pages! I think this will appeal to a large range of readers of different ages, and would be great for a fathers day present (although I’m obviously a little late this year!).

To get yourself a copy of this fun and playful book about dads, click here!

Title: Fearless with Dad

Author: Cori Brooke

Illustrator: Giuseppe Poli

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2016

Ages: 3 – 6


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