Review: My First Book of Aussie Animals

My First Book of Aussie Animals is a beautifully designed lift-the-flap board book that features a search for a range of Australian animals.

The story is quite simple, but I really really adored it. I like how the sparse text allows for open questions and lots of discussion between reader and bub/toddler. I personally love these books, and think they will especially suit younger readers (or adults!) who find large amounts of text daunting. 

It is backed up with more questions once you open the flap on every page, which again allows for more discussion and descriptive words. It feels more natural sometimes than reading out a long script or story that won’t keep a young one entertained.

The illustrations are soooo good and really go beyond what you would normally expect from a board book. They have plenty of depth and the flaps are well hidden so will delight little ones once found and then peel back to reveal the animal hidden beneath. I really love this book and think it is well completed, designed, drawn and written. New Frontier Publishing has really lifted the level expected from board books lately, and others released around the same time (especially ones illustrated by Sally Anne Garland) are also excellent – and I will be reviewing them soon!

To grab yourself a copy of this beautiful engaging board book, click here!

Title: My First Book of Aussie Animals

Author: Gordon Winch

Illustrator: Stephen Pym

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2021

Ages: 3+


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