Review: Ash Invites Her Friends to Tea

Ash is back again in this sequel to her original book Ash Dresses Her Friends, and the sweet little bird in a red jacket is learning all about tea.

Ash and her grandpa are sitting in a tree when they start talking about leaves. Ash thinks they are all the same, but her grandpa tells that not all leaves are the same, and these leaves are magic! He then shows her the steps in turning the leaves into something special that everyone can enjoy. Once the process is finished and they make a lovely cup of tea, the magic works and it brings all kinds of mysterious animals to enjoy the tea (even a big giant dragon!), all who get something different out of it.

I just adored this book. There is something special about the gorgeous illustrations with the bright minty green and how it contrasts against the black and whites and greys – it’s just a delight for my eyeballs. I love the themes of family and culture and friendship. Afterwards, I had a new appreciation for tea and gained some new knowledge into the actual process on how it is made. I really enjoyed this book, although my toddler was a little hesitant until the dragon turned up, then he was hooked.

To grab your copy of this book and join ash for a cuppa, click here!

Title: Ash Invites Her Friends to Tea

Author & Illustrator: Fu Whenzeng

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2021

Ages: 3+


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