Picture Book Review: I Wonder

I Wonder is a thoughtful book about a little boat that got left behind. It has themes of environmentalism and shows how every action and step can contribute to something special.

The story begins when a little boy takes his boat to the beach. The boat has the best time but then the worst possible thing happens… he gets left behind. He hopes the boy comes back, but when he doesn’t return, the boat stays on the beach for a long time. He waits and waits and waits… and meets some friends along the way, but soon the boat is falling apart. Then a new family finds him, but will they be able to use it?

I Wonder is a lovely book, although it is quite emotional. The story really pulls you in and hits home. I felt sorry for the little boat, as did my toddler, and we turned the pages eagerly hoping he would find a family or a new home. The environmental theme is well done and proves the lesson on making sure you take your rubbish home from the beach, as well as showing that just because something is a bit broken or old, doesn’t mean it is rubbish. Although it was a little sad, I found it hopeful, and enjoyable.

The illustrations are lovely and I liked the personification of the boat and the rubbish on the beach, and think it enhanced the story’s emotional connection.

This post is a part of a blog tour with Books on Tour. Thanks for having us and sending us a copy of this beautiful book. To get yourself a copy, click here!

Title: I Wonder

Author: Allison Paterson

Illustrator: Nancy Bevington

Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Published: 2021

Ages: 4-8


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