Picture Book Review: How Not to Annoy Mum

How NOT to annoy mum is a funny story by the dynamic duo that is comedian Dave Hughes and Holly Ife, with fun bright illustrations by the popular illustrator Heath McKenzie. This is a follow up on their other book ‘How NOT to Annoy Dad’.

We all know how to annoy mum, but this book consists of a list of how NOT to annoy her. The story is told in dot point form with the title stating a way to help mum, while the koala kids run around doing exactly the opposite. It would suit plenty of ages and have everyone laughing along.

It is fun and incredibly relatable for parents, and for kids too. I found it to be a satisfying book with plenty of appeal in the koala family that are in fact about the Hughes/Ife family themselves. It does read more like a list (which is probably intended) so is probably best read in a crowd, or for the whole family, rather than on a lap before bedtime – which also makes sense considering it is more of an upbeat funny day book, rather than a relaxing bedtime book. It also ended in a lovely heartwarming way that will make kids and mums happy, and would work perfectly as a gift for a birthday or mothers day.

Ahh the dreaded shopping trips!

To get yourself a copy of this book, click here!

Title: How NOT to annoy Mum

Authors: Dave Hughes + Holly Ife

Illustrator: Heath Mckenzie

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2021

Ages: 3+


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