Picture Book Review: Move that Mountain

Move that Mountain is a unique symbolic tale about working together to overcome big challenges.

“We can’t move that mountain”

The story begins with a few puffins who find an orca stranded and try to move it. But the puffins are too small and the problem is just too big. But this story is super clever as you get to the end and can read the entire book backwards and it tells another story – an inspiring tale about how a few puffins work together to free the whale.

The illustrations are stunning and work perfectly with the sparse writing. It is really quite heartwarming and inspiring, although I found it a little confusing the first time I read it through, but once I got to the end and read it again backwards, I thought it was fantastic. Even the irony of the puffins helping an orca, who actually might have them for dinner, was kind of interesting and possibly symbolic to consider.

I think Move that Mountain would suit slightly older audiences who will understand it better as it might go over the heads of smaller kids, although the lovely illos and sparse text make it very readable for most age groups. But older kids will be delighted with the fun fact that it can be read backwards and would suit a classroom setting well where discussions could be had afterwards about the story and themes such as climate change.

To grab yourself a copy of this allegorical tale, click here!

Title: Move that Mountain

Authors: Kate & Jol Temple

Illustrator: Terri Rose Baynton

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2021

Ages: 3+

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