Review: The Little Pirate Queen

The Little Pirate Queen is a swashbuckling adventure story about a little girl Lucy who goes on a journey to find a secret island, and discovers many things along the way from friendship to bravery.

“Every week Lucy sailed accros the sea on her rickety raft trying to find Far Away Island.”

Lucy is a young sailor with a rickety raft that always needs mending. She wishes she had a shiny new yacht and was as brave as a pirate Queen. But then one morning a giant wave comes and sweeps everything away so Lucy and some new friends she meets will have to learn to work together if they want to make it to Far Away Island.

This is such a sweet book that covers all kinds of topics from the seas to friendship. Lucy is an admirable main character who is resourceful and hardworking and inspiring to read. The illustrations are gorgeous and I love Sally Anne Garland’s scratchy sketchy style with muted colours and pinprick eyes.

This book is a little on the longer side so I think it will be better suited to slightly older kiddies who are more capable of sitting still for longer periods. But I think many will love this lovely adventurous story about a little pirate queen in the making.

To grab your copy of this pirate book and to sing along with the sea shanties, click here!

Title: The Little Pirate Queen

Author & Illustrator: Sally Anne Garland

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2021

Ages: 3+


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