Middle Grade Review: Song Bird – Drought Rescue

Rosie and her friends are back at it again in the next book in the Song Bird Series, Drought rescue, where in outback Australia they will have to deal with evil villains, empty water holes and a missing (kidnapped!) aunty.

The thing I love most about these books is just how fun and fast paced they are – there is no stuffing around with introductions or build ups, as every time we are thrown straight into the action.

This time the gang start off on a super fast train heading to Longreach Queensland, where Rosie’s aunty’s farm needs some help. Rosie quickly has to tap into her song bird superpowers and has to do a lot on the way from stopping all kinds of disasters from droughts and kidnapping, as well as her arch nemesis – Destructo.

I love these books because of their fast paced action packed story lines, but they also have fantastic characters from our hero Rosie, who is brave and quick thinking, and her two best friends Amy and Ben. They make a great team as they take on challenges, and are fun to follow along.

We are also treated to plenty of chapters from Destructo, the glorious cheeky villain (whose favourite food is pistachios – of course!), and his faithful robo dog’s K and 9. These are some of my favourite chapters as they really crack me up and keep the story going.

I also love how every chapter leaps off the page with the comic book styled sounds and think it really brings the story alive, particularly for young readers.

Karen Tyrrell has done a great job of creating another brilliant middle grade/chapter books for young kids that will keep even the most reluctant readers glued to the pages, whilst also managing to revolve them around incredibly important environmental issues. I love the glossary at the start and the facts and tips at the end as they will leave kids with things that they can do to make a difference.

Thanks to Karen for sending me out a copy of her book, and for having me along for the book blog tour!

You can also check out the book trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVY9iB6rth4

And find out more about the series, and grab yourself copy here: www.songbirdbooks.com

Title: Song Bird: Drought Rescue

Author: Karen Tyrrell

Publisher: Digital Future Press

Published: 2021

Ages: 7-12


One thought on “Middle Grade Review: Song Bird – Drought Rescue

  1. WOW! Thanks Sarah for this incredibly positive review of SONG BIRD DROUGHT RESCUE.
    I loved what you said about the characters, the story and the important environmental messages. Cheers,
    Karen & Steve x


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