PB Review: Amira’s Suitcase

Amira’s Suitcase is a bitter-sweet, yet hopeful, story about a young girl living in poverty who makes an incredible discovery that will take her on a journey of growth and friendship.

“It was growing in the corner of a suitcase when Amira first saw it”

The story begins when Amira finds a seedling growing in her suitcase, who she describes as a new friend. She returns to the sprout and helps it to grow with fresh air, water and sunlight. As Amira helps the seedling grow, she comes across some new friends who have heard about the suitcase, and want to help her (and contribute) as they remember a time when they had access to things like gardens and plants.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and although it had melancholy tones, it ultimately left me feeling hopeful. It is filled to the brim with symbolism of new life and growth and shows that even in the most difficult of circumstances, something green and good can be found. The writing is lovely and the illustrations are wonderful – I particularly adored the last few pages and the feeling of warmth throughout the whole book. I also like how at the beginning of the story Amira is hiding and seems to spend lots of time inside, and then her world gets bigger as she goes outside and meets more people with the help of her suitcase garden.

To grab yourself a copy of this gentle book, click here!

Title: Amira’s Suitcase

Author & Illustrator: Vikki Conley & Nicky Johnston

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2021

Ages: 3 – 6

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