PB Review: Bedtime is Boring

No one likes bedtime (well not kids anyway), and that’s because Bedtime is Boring! David Campbell’s second book featuring the bunny family is hilarious and incredibly relatable.

Billy Bunny does not want to go to bed. He is WAY too busy for something as boring as bedtime – he has so many things he has to do first! Such as bouncing, burrowing, building, and the list goes on.

Both of Billy’s parents try to convince him to go to bed and it is quite the battle. Even when they manage to get him to bed – nothing is quite right! It is either too dark or too bright, too quiet or too noisy. How will Billy Bunny (and his poor poor parents) ever get to sleep!

I really enjoyed this book, and think the similar structure that is evident in Campbell’s first book (Stupid Carrots -review here!) works well in this story. I also liked how Betty (Billy’s sister – possibly even twin considering they are named after Campbell’s own children) from the first book makes an appearance or two.

I liked the story on the first read through, but found that every time I read it, I enjoyed it even more – possibly because my toddler loves it and thinks it hilarious. It is also ridiculously relatable as every parent can understand the fun night time adventures that every kid seems to get up to just before bedtime. The bright cover and illustrations go perfectly with the story, and the rabbits are wonderfully expressive and really draw kids in with their over the top facial expressions.

Bedtime is Boring, but not with Billy if you give this hilarious romper of a book a go. I think it will appeal to a large range of kids, and their adults who will get to laugh along too.

To grab yourself a copy of Bedtime is Boring, click here!

Title: Bedtime is Boring

Author/Illustrator: David Campbell & Daron Parton

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2021

Ages: 3+


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