Middle Grade Review: The Year the Maps Changed

What a fabulous book.

Everything about this book grabbed me. The title, the cover and the setting – which happen to be a place I love and where I lived for many years of my life – The Mornington Peninsula.

The Year The Maps Changed is a middle grade (but could easily appeal to a YA audience, I felt) novel with a historical twist. It is about a young girl and her family and focuses on a part of history in Victoria that most people (ahem, like myself) had no idea about.

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Middle Grade Graphic Novel: Smile

This was SUCH a cool book.

This is the first ever graphic novel I’ve reviewed AND read. I loved it so much I’m really keen to read more.

I felt this book so much. I had braces and a headgear and a plate when I was primary school and going into high school, so I felt this book in my bones.It reads so well, the pictures are AWESOME. I wish I had this book as a young kid with braces as I think it is perfect for its target audience and incredibly relatable.

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