Book Review – The Bear and the Piano

By David Litchfield

I was so stoked when this book arrived at my library – I’ve seen it floating around on Instagram quite a bit and the idea appealed to me, and I’ll tell you what…

I was NOT disappointed.

Everything about this book is just utterly brilliant. I got the board book version without realising, and absolutely adore it.

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Book Review – I Don’t Want Curly Hair

Written and Illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson

“NO! I do NOT want this BIG curly hair! It’s messy and silly and just plain UNFAIR!”

Lauren Ellen Anderson

Anyone with curly hair will immediate relate to this book. Because curly hair IS messy and silly and unfair at times. This is a brilliant story that has huge appeal with it’s gorgeous illustrations and fun rhyming text.

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Do Children’s Stories Need a Lesson?

If you walk into a bookstore/library and grab any children’s book off the shelf, you will likely be able to pick up on some sort of moral or lesson pretty quickly. As we get older and read bigger complicated books, the lessons get harder to find and more layered – as well as being quite subjective.

So does every story need a moral lesson? Particularly ones for children?

Not every story needs a moral or lesson, and there are some brilliant stories that don’t have them (such as non fiction, wordless books, etc) but ultimately… it’s a good idea to have a basic lesson or point in a story for children. It adds depth and will make a story more memorable.

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