Book Review – Why Kangaroos Have Pockets – How Animals Care For Their Young

‘Why Kangaroos Have Pockets – How Animals Care For Their Young’ Written by Pavla Hanackova, Illustrated by Linh Dao. Australian Geographic.

Non-fiction books aren’t exactly my go to when visiting a bookstore or library – but this is an example of one done just right. It had great illustrations, plenty of information and even some humour, making it a solid must have for family book shelves.

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Book Review – Roo The Roaring Dinosaur, Best Playday Ever!

Written by David Bedford, Illustrations by Mandy Stanley. Published by Simon and Schuster.

There can never enough stories about friendships in children’s books – and this one is adorable. Especially as the friendship is between a little dinosaur and a polar bear.

Roo is a happy little dinosaur who is content just chilling on his little dinosaur island when Erik the polar bear rocks up on his ice berg. The two become fast friends and go on an adventure together.

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