Eight reasons YOU Should Visit Your Local Library

Libraries are the best! There are so many benefits to visiting them. And most towns have them, even small country towns like mine. See below a list of reasons you should be going, and how to make the most of it.

1. They are free


Books can get pretty exy these days, even at Kmart the standard Picture Book is around $10, whilst at boutique book stores they are upwards of $30. You can save your pennies and support your local library for absolutely nothing.

2. They have so many resources

All the resources. Computers, printing, read a longs, competitions, story time. The list goes on!

3. Librarians aren’t all that bad

Despite how every movie ever has portrayed librarians from the beginning of time (something like Roz from Monsters Inc), not all librarians are bad. In fact, some of them are really nice. Most of them even. They just want to help you.

4. It will get you involved in the community

Being a part of a community is great. I live in a small country town and it’s great getting to know more people. Or even if you live in a big town or city, it’s good to get involved.

5. They could use your support

Since computers and things have come in, people don’t need libraries as much, or so they think… but libraries need our support to continue. If no one went to the library, they wouldn’t last much longer. And the world needs libraries.

6. You will get to meet other people

Other like minded people with similar aged kids. Or if you don’t like other people, you don’t have to. Just use the excuse ‘sorry we are in a library, can’t speak ya know,’ as you slowly walk backwards and away.

7. Your kids might actually enjoy it!

Believe it or – it is possible. They can be lovely magical places of quiet that may mystify your child. And encourage reading, of course! And we all know that reading for children is super important.

8. YOU might even enjoy it.

We don’t all have much time for reading but going regularly might just remind you to get a book or two out for yourself and spend some time reading. Even if it’s squeezing ten minutes in before bed time. Also libraries are lovely quiet places – and we can all use some extra quiet time in our week.

So go visit your local library. If you live in the Gippsland area, you can check out our local library website here.

Or to search for your own local library – just google it!


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