Five ways to encourage your child to read.

Reading is super important, especially for helping little minds develop. It teaches not only vital skills such as writing and literacy (obvs) but also how we think. Communicating with words is the foundation of our society. It is how we form, build and maintain relationships with the world, all the people in it, and also ourselves. Being able to properly articulate your thoughts is a vital part of being a human and that’s why reading to children and encouraging literacy will always be of utmost importance for every child.

So here are five things that you can do to get things started!

1. Have books


Seems obvious right? Wrong!

Not really. It is that simple! You need books to be able to read. Who’d a thunk? But you want a range of books around which means lots of options for little minds that need constant entertainment. So make sure you have a variety of books around the house such as board books, lift-the-flap, pop up books, activity, non fiction, wordless… the options are endless! Having them in different spots is also a good idea, so keep a stash in bedrooms, the living room, play rooms and the car.

But before you go out and re mortgage the house, there is a magical place that you can visit that will let you take them home for free. No catches! That’s right, your local library is a plethora of resources that you can and should be using! Need more reasons? Check out this blog post that gives you eight reasons to visit your local library.

Visit library. Borrow Book. Rinse and Repeat.

2. Make it apart of your routine

Having a familiar bedtime routine is great for children and a nice quiet book and reading is a nice way to send them off to dreamland. But you can put it into any routine too! Before nap times, start of play times, after breakfast. Whenever! We all live such busy lives that things like reading can easily be put on the back burner and before you know it a month has passed with hardly any reading materials being consumed.

3. Don’t make reading a punishment

By making it a punishment, you’re making reading a bad thing. A chore. Which it shouldn’t be. It should be a fun learning experience. If you do want to incorporate it into discipline, check your wording and attitude. Quit the sass.

4. Have adult books around – and *gasp* read them

Monkey see – Monkey do

Reading isn’t every adults cup of tea (although it could be – don’t get me started), but having books around for adults and reading them is a great way to set an example for little ones. Wether we like it or not, we are all products of our parents in one way or another. Young kids particularly look up to their parents so by reading yourself, you will be setting a great example and encouraging reading in the best way you can.

If books really aren’t your thing you could try and incorporate reading in others ways – magazines, newspapers, non-fiction, take-out menu… The world is your library!

5. Make reading fun

You should put everything you got into reading to children. Give characters funny voices, be stupid, sing-a-long, act out scenes… Put your ego aside and make it as fun as possible. This is your chance to bond, go for it! You might feel pretty stupid at the time, but your kids will love you for it and love the time you spend together. And by doing this you will show that reading isn’t just for education, it’s meant to be fun!

It’s never too early or too late to start encouraging reading in children, so what are you waiting for, get reading!


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