Book Review – Hooray For Fish!

Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins – Published by Walker Books

“Hello! I am Little Fish, swimming in the sea. I have lots of fishy friends. Come along with me.”

Lucy Cousins

‘Hooray for Fish’ is a wonderful book by the clever and vastly published Lucy Cousins – known for her books about the little white mouse ‘Maisy’.

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Book Review – Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget – by Kerry Brown. Illustrated by Isobel Knowles and Benjamin Portas

“My grandad says there are two types of days: those you want to remember and those you want to forget.”

Kerry Brown

This is a powerful picture book about Anzac Day and a tribute to our service men. It is poignant and important. And though it is for children I felt quite melancholy and thoughtful afterwards. It teaches children (and any adult reading it) what Anzac day is about – going beyond delicious cookies and a public holiday.

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Eight reasons YOU Should Visit Your Local Library

Libraries are the best! There are so many benefits to visiting them. And most towns have them, even small country towns like mine. See below a list of reasons you should be going, and how to make the most of it.

1. They are free


Books can get pretty exy these days, even at Kmart the standard Picture Book is around $10, whilst at boutique book stores they are upwards of $30. You can save your pennies and support your local library for absolutely nothing.

2. They have so many resources

All the resources. Computers, printing, read a longs, competitions, story time. The list goes on!

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Review – Magic Beach

Magic beach written and illustrated by Alison Lester, published by Allen and Unwin.


I was gifted this book as part of a baby present from a family friend and hadn’t actually read it before – despite that fact it was first published in 1990 and is a well known Australian classic. Now it is one of my go to picture books for bed time readings. It is a beautiful whimsical story that will charm young readers and children.

Everyone has been to a magical beach, somewhere that is special to you. I found this book particularly nostalgic as it reminded me of my own childhood with endless summers spent at the beach. It is a rhyming book with wonderful words that give the reader a sense of melancholy. It is great for medium readers, as well as little ones that will be enthralled by the magical beach. It is also brilliantly imaginative – with every second page being a fabled possibility that will encourage kids own creativity.

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Five ways to encourage your child to read.

Reading is super important, especially for helping little minds develop. It teaches not only vital skills such as writing and literacy (obvs) but also how we think. Communicating with words is the foundation of our society. It is how we form, build and maintain relationships with the world, all the people in it, and also ourselves. Being able to properly articulate your thoughts is a vital part of being a human and that’s why reading to children and encouraging literacy will always be of utmost importance for every child.

So here are five things that you can do to get things started!

1. Have books


Seems obvious right? Wrong!

Not really. It is that simple! You need books to be able to read. Who’d a thunk? But you want a range of books around which means lots of options for little minds that need constant entertainment. So make sure you have a variety of books around the house such as board books, lift-the-flap, pop up books, activity, non fiction, wordless… the options are endless! Having them in different spots is also a good idea, so keep a stash in bedrooms, the living room, play rooms and the car.

But before you go out and re mortgage the house, there is a magical place that you can visit that will let you take them home for free. No catches! That’s right, your local library is a plethora of resources that you can and should be using! Need more reasons? Check out this blog post that gives you eight reasons to visit your local library.

Visit library. Borrow Book. Rinse and Repeat.

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Blog Launch

Today is the day!

My first blog entry, and it feels pretty dang good. Instagram and twitter account are also now up and running.

This blog will be dedicated to all things children fictions – from book reviews, to encouraging young readers and tips on writing children’s fiction.

Stay tuned for the first reviews and blogs – coming soon!